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Association of Canada

Guild Library - EAC Courses

The guild has purchased the following retired EAC courses covering various techniques at the beginner and intermediate level. Each course is composed of six lessons. Master copies of each course are available in the library.

During the period of the pandemic, the guild is offering pdf copies of these courses to members at no charge. The courses are intended for the personal use of members, please do not share outside of the guild. To request a copy of a course, email June at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




Beginner Battenberg Lace - Dianna Best

This course is designed to teach the basic method of working with lace tape and filling stitches to create a small oval doily that is approximately 10.6" x 9".

18 pages


Beginner Casalguidi Embroidery - Barbara Kershaw

This course will teach the basic fundamentals of Casalguidi embroidery and skills in reading various types of diagrams for stitches used here. The design size is 5" x 2.5" but the instructions show you how to finish this as a 9" x 6" lavender pouch complete with tassels.

21 pages



Beginner Crewel Embroidery - Peggy Kimble

This piece of embroidery is designed to teach the crewel stitches most required in this fascinating type of needlework. You will sample 20 stitches in a pretty piece to be proud of, which may be finished as a picture or a cushion. The design area is approximately 10" x 10".

35 pages


Beginner Drawn Thread - Colleen Darling

This beginner course is designed to introduce the basic principles and fundamentals of drawn thread embroidery in the form of a band sampler. Some other counted-thread decorative stitching will be worked in the sampler. The finished sampler is 4" x 9" on 32-count fabric.

23 pages


Beginner Pulled Thread Embroidery - Colleen Darling 

This beginner course will teach the student the basic principles and fundamentals of pulled thread embroidery and skills in using stitch diagrams for pulled thread stitches. This can be framed or finished as a tote bag (approxiamtely 14" x 14") using the directions provided.

23 pages


Beginner Stumpwork - Sandra Roy

This course is designed to teach the student the basic techniques in stumpwork embroidery. The design area is approximately 2" x 3".

21 pages





Intermediate Blackwork - Sheryl Blackie

This design requires that you know how to read counted-thread patterns from a graph and have experience doing double running/Holbein stitch patterns. You will use 14 different patterns to fill the vase, which is approximately 6" x 8".

31 pages


Intermediate Metal Thread Embroidery - Janice Routely

This course will teach you how to use various types of metal threads and spangles. You will also learn how to pad and apply kid leather to the design. The design area is approximately 5" x 6".

15 pages


Intermediate Stumpwork - Deanna Bertelsen

This course is designed to encourage the student to develop intermediate level skills in stumpwork embroidery. The design area is approximately 5" x 6.5". 

22 pages




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