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Spring & Fall 2018

Workshops are held at Centre Noël Legault, 245 Lakeshore Road, Pointe Claire, on Thursday mornings, 9:30 – 11:30 a.m., unless otherwise noted.

REGISTRATION: Members can register for workshops at guild meetings or by contacting the Workshop Convenor ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). Payment can be made by cash or cheque payable to the guild (LCSG). Fees will be refunded if a class is cancelled and under certain conditions if a member withdraws from a class (see Refund Policy in General Class Information).

As a courtesy to our teachers and your fellow students, please remember to read through the supply requirements for the workshop you register for and make sure you come prepared with what you need.

Registration for classes will resume on Monday, April 23.


April 19


Normally when we cross stitch on even weave fabric we make our cross over two fabric threads. But sometimes you will come across a pattern that wants you to cross stitch over only one fabric thread. Often this is used to allow the designer to get more detail into the project. If you have tried to work with a pattern like this and been frustrated because your stitches seem to disappear behind the fabric threads then this workshop is for you. Come and learn the proper technique to ensure that all of your stitches stay in place. You will practice by stitching your initial on a piece of even weave fabric. At the end of the class Nicole will show you where to find a free pattern for a hummingbird that uses this technique to good effect.

Your kit will contain fabric, threads, needle, written instructions and a chart for your initial. If you have an alphabet that you would like to use, bring that with you to the class.


Level: All

Intensity: Low Class Size: 12
Class Fee: $6 Kit Fee: $3  TOTAL FEE: $9


May 17 & 24


Students will stitch a band of Assisi (Aida band with borders already finished in different colours). It could be used as a bookmark or integrated in a little project of your own or kept in your embroidery notebook. Knowledge of basic cross stitch is useful for this workshop. In addition, Holbein stitch, also known as double running stitch, will be used.

The kit includes the Aida band and black DMC floss. Please bring your basic sewing kit and needles, as well as your favourite bright colour of floss. Floss from the guild stash could also be used if needed.

Level: All
Intensity:  Low Class Size: 8
Class Fee:  $12 Kit Fee: $1 TOTAL FEE: $13


September 20 & 27



Do you have stitched pieces that you don’t want to frame but you don’t know how to finish the edges? If so, this is the perfect class for you. Come and learn how to do two simple edge stitches that you can use to finish your linen embroideries.

You will work on a piece of linen that will be finished as a bookmark. The long edges will be finished with a Scandinavian three-sided stitch and the short edges with a fringed hemstitch. There may be a small amount of homework between classes if you are not able to complete the preliminary step during the first class. Once your edges are finished, you can leave the bookmark blank or you can add your own personalized design in any technique that you like.

The kit will contain a 4”x12” piece of linen, threads and a tapestry needle. Bring your basic sewing kit including basting thread.

Level: All
Intensity:  Low Class Size: 12
Class Fee:  $12 Kit Fee: $5 TOTAL FEE: $17


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