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Chapter of the Embroiderers'
Association of Canada

Classroom Etiquette

Members are asked to respect some basic rules of conduct to make classes and open stitching sessions an enjoyable experience for all:

  • Be on time and come prepared for classes  – bring all necessary tools and materials
  • Wear your name tag
  • Turn your cell phone off or set it on vibrate mode
  • Keep your hands clean and refrain from handling the instructor’s or classmates’ pieces
  • Do not eat or drink in class or in the open stitching room.
  • Refrain from wearing perfume or other scented products
  • Keep talk to a minimum
  • Respect your neighbour’s working space
  • Raise your hand to ask the instructor for assistance 
  • Ask the instructor for assistance, not your classmates
  • Notify the instructor if you will miss a class
  • Do not monopolize the instructor 
  • Do not ask your instructor to referee any issues you may have with other students
  • Respect the instructor’s methodology and pacing 
  • Do not take photographs without asking permission first
  • Complete the class evaluation form and provide constructive feedback about the class and the instructor
  • Respect copyright rules – do not copy kit materials without the permission of the instructor
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