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Embroiderers' Association of Canada / 

Association canadienne de broderie

More About the Guild

Learn more about the guild --- its history, logo and banners. 

History of the Guild

It all started back in 1971 with a notice posted in supermarkets and shopping centres calling for people interested in embroidery to an open meeting at Centennial Hall in Beaconsfield. The rest, as they say, is history ...

LCSG Timeline  

A Brief History (for members only)

Needlework Comes into its Own - Montreal Gazette, 3 June 1982. Article about the guild and exhibition


The Guild Logo

In the fall of 1973, the guild ran a competition among its members for the design of a logo for the guild. The winning design was submitted by founding member Flo Dutka.

lcsg-drop-shadowThe symbolism of Flo’s design and our present day logo: 

The circle is symbolic of the universal creativity which supports and enriches life.

The rectangle is symbolic of the framework of discipline and organization, varied with each expression of the many kinds of embroidery and necessary for development.

The line is symbolic of the purpose and activity underlying everything, which takes each person upwards.

The three symbols are interlaced to represent their interaction and interdependence on each other.

The three shapes are also symbolic of the basic elements of stitchery --- the ball, the frame, the hoop, and the needle. 


Guild Banners

Designed and stitched by guild members in the 1990s, our blue and white banners are proudly displayed at guild meetings, EAC events and public exhibitions. The banners feature octagon motifs stitched in various techniques that reflect the diverse range of embroidery interests at the guild: bargello, blackwork, Brazilian, crewel, hardanger, needlepainting and pulled thread, to name just a few. 



 English Banner back French Banner back

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Presidents' Banner


The Presidents' Banner was stitched by Erma Scrimgeour and the finishing work of hemming, making loops and backing was done by Marina Pastushenko and Paula Gautier. Jean Gautier made the rods to match those of the guild banners.

List of LCSG Presidents



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