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LCSG Timeline

Milestones in the guild's history and memorable achievements over the years ...  

1971 Formation of the Lakeshore Creative Stitchery Guild with Flo Dutka as founding president. Creativity & exploration of stitching in all forms is emphasized. Affiliation is with the Embroiderers’ Guild in London, England.

1972 Margaret Gard is the first elected president of LCSG

1974 Four entries are received in a competition to design a logo for the guild. The membership chooses Flo Dutka’s as the winning design.

1977 First newsletter with logo.

1978 LCSG elects to drop its connection with England and affiliate itself as a chapter of the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada (EAC), established in 1973.

1979 The first theme-based ENNY Competition is held at the guild's annual exhibition.

1981 Muriel Vickery is appointed Editor of Embroidery Canada (1981-1982).

1983 Doreen Johnstone is appointed Director of Education at EAC.

1984 The guild hosts the EAC Seminar at the Mount Royal Hotel.
Mary Mort is awarded the Leonida Leatherdale Award.

1986 Newsletter editor Josie Zamborsky selects Needle Network as the name of the guild newsletter.
Tote bags are commissioned to celebrate the guild's 15th anniversary.

1987 Quilt Canada's annual show is held in Montreal. LCSG enters the competition with Celtic Royale. The quilt is donated to Stewart Hall in honour of its 25th anniversary as Pointe-Claire's cultural centre.
Mary Scowby and Marion Phelps organize the making of a quilt, which is then raffled. The proceeds benefit the guild.

1988 Ann Tarassoff is appointed EAC's Atlantic-Central Region Director (1988-1990).
The guild hosts the Atlantic-Central Region Annual Meeting. Marian Ufford organizes the event.

1989 Guild pins are commissioned. The first pin is presented to Peggy Reid as winner of the ENNY Competition. The theme was the same of that of EAC --- Contours.

1990 With the addition of numerous French-speaking members, the guild adopts a bilingual name.

1991 Contest is held for the design of a guild banner. Winning design is by Ann Tarassoff and Marian Ufford.

1992 The guild agrees to take on co-hosting of Seminar 1994 with the Ottawa Valley Guild of Stitchery (OVGS) and undertakes a challenging two-year effort to raise funds for the event.

1993 The guild's English banner is completed and displayed at the annual exhibition in June at Stewart Hall. The French banner is completed in autumn of that year.

1994 Seminar 1994, Rivers of Friendship, is co-hosted by OVGS and LCSG.
Diana Kelly is appointed EAC's Director of Youth Embroiderers (1994-1996).

1995 Part of the profits from Seminar 1994 are used to set up a fund for a yearly scholarship. Diana Kelly is awarded the first Education Grant.
First Group Correspondence Course (Deerfield) with EAC is organized and completed. Previous group correspondence courses run at the guild were through EGA.

1996 The guild provides stitched ornaments at the request of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for its annual Christmas tree display.
LCSG donates Christmas decorations to the flood victims in Winnipeg.

1998 To celebrate EAC's 25th anniversary, all guilds are asked to embroider a 6” square with a design representative of the region of the guild. The squares are assembled into a quilt called A Canadian Reflection.
The guild hosts the EAC semi-annual board meeting.
The guild offers the Helen Henderson Collection to the EAC's Heritage Collection.  

1999 At Marjorie Pike's suggestion, the guild exhibition adds a display of projects taught at the guild over the year to illustrate the variety of courses offered and showcase the expertise of teachers at the guild. The display becomes a regular feature at guild exhibitions.

2000 EAC's Pauline Glover Educational Grant is awarded to Monica Grundmann.

2001 Two youth groups are formed thanks to a donation from the Howlett family.
EAC Pulled Thread Award is won by Nancy Tozer.

2002 Monica Grundmann is appointed EAC's Youth Embroiderers Director.

2003 EAC Pulled Thread Award is won by Erma Scrimgeour.
The guild's youth groups participate in the exhibition for the first time.

2005 Erma Scrimgeour is appointed EAC Course Manager (2005-2007). Richelieu is the first French and/or English group correspondence course.
Inspiration magazine issue #49 features Still Water, a stumpwork project designed by guild member Madeleine Ferland.
Inaugural exhibition of the Quilt of Belonging, a monumental textile art project crafted by volunteers across the country including guild members Suzanne Labrie, Hélène Plouffe and Lyn Prichard.


Guild organizes its first retreat. The weekend event featuring classes with outside teachers Celine Girouard (encrustation) and Jeannette Douglas (Montreal sampler).

2007 The first STUFFF Day is held at the guild. Originally called Inside-Out Teacher Day, the all-day stitching gathering becomes a regular guild activity, now held twice a season.

2009 Nancy Tozer wins the Leonida Leatherdale Award (Viewers' Choice) at EAC Seminar in Kingston for her traditional Japanese embroidery Camellias.
Marina Pastushenko's Hardanger Diamonds wins honourable mention in Nordic Needle's annual competition.

2010 The guild logo is given a touch-up. The guild name is added and a colour version is designed.
The guild cancels the 2010 exhibition to focus its efforts on the ruby anniversary exhibition in 2011.

2011 The guild marks its 40th anniversary with a ruby-themed luncheon at the Lord Reading Yacht Club in May. The new guild pin is presented and the President's Scroll is unveiled.
Guild members win multiple prizes at EAC Seminar 2011: Marina Pastushenko wins 2nd prize in the Leonida Leatherdale Award (Viewers' Choice); Diana Kelly shares third prize in a tie with another of Marina's pieces. Marina also wins the EAC Christmas ornament challenge and Fran Jackson takes 3rd prize.
The guild launches its website at the start of the 2011-2012 season.
The guild hosts the Atlantic-Central Region Annual Meeting (ACRAM) in October.

2012 Longtime members Diana Kelly and Erma Scrimgeour are awarded the EAC Service Pin in appreciation of their many contributions to the guild and to the Embroiderers' Association of Canada over the years.

2013 Guild members Marina Pastushenko and Nancy Tozer win second and third prize, respectively, in the Leonida Leatherdale Awards (Viewers' Choice) at the EAC Seminar 2013 in Winnipeg.

 2017 Guild member Natalie Dupuis is a double award winner at EAC Seminar 2017 in St. John's. Her goldwork pieces won the Viewers' Choice award and the Original Design Award.

 2018 Guild members Diane Bertrand, Francine Bergevin, Suzanne Petitclerc, Lise Schofield, Maureen Spira, and Eunice Turnbull win first place in EAC's GROUP PROJECT competition for their Sublime Stitches pieces. Dima Santina takes home second prize for her Japanese goldwork piece in EAC's Celebrating Canada challenge competition.

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